About Neoteric – Business Consulting & Coaching

Neoteric neo|ter¦ic

Adjective Belonging to a new, recent or modern trend
Noun A new, recent thinker, a modern person, accepting of new ideas and practices, having a modern outlook or new ideas

To learn about us – at Neoteric our focus is on business consulting and coaching.  We work with leaders, managers and business owners to improve their organization’s performance and leadership.

All business consulting services and coaching services are approached systematically with a focus on understanding the organization’s needs, building capacity and meeting the organization’s and stakeholders’ goals.

Our approach is flexible and customized to each client; all organizations, managers and teams need a different level of support and have a different culture.

As a boutique business consulting and coaching company serving Markham, York Region and Toronto, in Ontario we are dedicated to providing you with superior knowledge and customer service that results in high value organizational impact and results. We work collaboratively with organizations that focus on serving people with excellence; our specialty is working with business managers and leaders, and their teams in small businesses and medium sized businesses.

We provide:

  • Management and Leadership Development
  • Coaching and Assessments
  • Facilitation Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Reviews and Strategic Planning
  • Operational Process Improvement and Operational Planning
  • Interim Management Services
  • New Business Development Assessments and Support
  • Team Alignment Workshops
  • Coaching for Small Business Start-Ups
  • Strategic Marketing & Competitor Assessments