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Leadership Focus and Dynamic Leaders

June 25, 2014 Coaching 4 Comments

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Wow!  What a week this is turning out to be….I have had the great fortune to connect and re-connect with three dynamic leaders.   Although each of them are in a different phase of their career and life, they all had two things in common; the desire to add value to the lives of others and the desire to find a great career that allows them to use their professional skills.

One person is the sister of an acquaintance and she recently completed her social work degree and is now looking to start her career, one was my first year professor when I was at McMaster and she is exploring taking the next step up the career ladder in the hospital sector and the third is a colleague I used to work with and he is looking for a new career challenge in the seniors’ sector.   My conversations with each of these dynamic leaders was related to career planning and development, their leadership focus and what they want to contribute in their career.

In reflecting on these career oriented leadership focus discussions I was reminded of why I decided to leave the corporate sector and pursue my passion of supporting others to achieve their success.   I am very grateful that I am able to contribute to the success of others in the work I do each day.

Take a moment to think about where you are in your career – do you have a great attitude to achieve your altitude?   Is your fortitude tested on some days and then you have a great sense of accomplishment when you overcome the challenge?   Are you showing gratitude to your team, family and friends?   We often don’t take the time to reflect on each of these…

As I have been growing my business I have focused on building fortitude, giving gratitude, having the right attitude, working within my aptitude to achieve my altitude.

To show my gratitude to you for reading this blog I would like to share with you my key areas of leadership focus – these help me to reach my goals and priorities.  They are the 8 things that I review each day to ensure that I add value to the people and organizations that I work with.  I encourage you to create your own leadership focus and feel free to borrow from mine if you think it adds value to your focus.

My Leadership Focuscoaching and consulting, leadership, success, performance, career, professional development, personal developement

  1. 1. Consistently evaluate my talents, passion, team and market
  2. 2. Orient my time, resources and energies to apply myself to offering my value and having confidence in my decision making
  3. 3. Do great work and lead great work – give credit and gratitude to my team, clients, family and friends
  4. 4. Balance my labour intensity with my value by focusing on the highest-value work qualitatively, not quantitatively
  5. 5. Create and disseminate value based information to my team and clients on a consistent and continual basis
  6. 6. Create maximum equity in my community, and with my team, family and friends
  7. 7. Always remember that the definition of true value is unique to each person – find out what that value is to each client, resident, employee, friend, and colleague and offer it.
  8. 8. Being a great leader means, being humble, confident to take educated risks and being accessible and accountable – these will contribute to my success.

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Nicki Morris

Nicki is committed to supporting helping business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs to achieve business excellence and success through leadership coaching and business consulting.

  • Arthur Dolan

    June 26, 2014 at 13:12 -

    Thanks for the great article, Nicki. Would love to hear about how your three dynamic leaders are addressing their respective challenges also.

    1. Nicki Morris

      June 26, 2014 at 13:23 -

      Thanks Arthur for your comment and great suggestion. I will look to get the permission of my dynamic leaders and share their stories and progress in upcoming blogs. They each have an amazing attitude and approach to their leadership development and career journey that hopefully others will be able to learn from.

  • Sylvia Watts

    June 26, 2014 at 14:19 -

    Great message Nicki, I particularily like the section about gratitude. It’s so important in our busy lives, to take a step “forward”, and show gratitude to those around us and to ourselves. I believe that doing so, enhances our leadership focus.

    1. Nicki Morris

      June 26, 2014 at 16:17 -

      Thanks Sylvia for your comment. I agree that showing gratitude to others and to ourselves is so important to sustain strong relationships, build our network, and to ensure others feel valued. There are so many components to having a great leadership focus!