Operational-EfficiencyKnowing your competition is critical to business success and having effective operations and processes to assess your competition and to ensure that your marketing processes further support your organization’s success.   We facilitate operational reviews that focus on assessing your organization’s positioning and marketing strategy.

Another integral component of strong business performance and proactive management is the presence of efficient and effective operational processes.   Operational efficiency is often elusive as it seems like an overwhelming and complex task.   Despite this complexity, operational efficiency is often listed as annual goal for managers and therefore quick fixes may be implemented that result in short term results but rarely sustainable improvements.    It is therefore integral to business success that operational structure and processes be reviewed, made to be effective and efficient and documented.   There is often a resulting cost savings as an outcome of improved process efficiency.

Neoteric Value

Offer Capacity

As organizational process improvement is complex we collaborate with expert partners on operational review engagements.  This ensures that we bring a high level of competency to you as it relates to Lean process improvement or operational reviews.   We also work in partnership with Greenhouse Marketing & Communications to offer mystery shops, competitor analysis and marketing effectiveness audits.   To organizations in need of temporary management capacity we also offer Interim Management Services (please contact us for more information).

Operations Experience

With over 18 years of experience in operations, leadership and management our President, Nicki Morris brings a unique perspective to healthcare, business and operational process improvement.   She is a strong communicator and facilitator who is able to engage staff at all levels to ensure that their voice is heard.

Results Oriented Focus

Through our unbiased, systematic approach to assessing people and operations we will help you get results that you may not get on your own.   We will take the time to learn the nuances of your business.   We will attain an understanding of your business strategy and goals and we use this to develop a customized, results oriented approach to our assessment and presentation of our recommendations.

Solutions Include

  • Operations Planning and Reviews
  • Competitor Analysis, Marketing Effectiveness Audits and Mystery Shops
  • Interim Management Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Organizational Structure Review
  • New Business Assessment and Positioning
  • Process Efficiency

Operational excellence services and programs are offered throughout Ontario, including Markham, York Region, Durham Region, Mississauga, Oakville and the Greater Toronto areas.