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Having a positive attitude has many benefits.   You would not be surprised to hear that having a positive attitude leads to success – success in your relationships or success in your work.     You most likely have met people who are either always complaining about their manager or co-worker or neighbour; what makes these people Success seem like perpetual complainers?   Are things really that bad in their life or do they just have a negative attitude?   Similarly, we also know people who have a great attitude, always see the glass as half full and just seem positive and happy most of the time.   Do these people really have a life with no challenges and no problems or do they just have a positive attitude?

Your attitude is a key factor in determining whether or not you achieve your vision and altitude – the highest point in your potential.   Your attitude is how you view your life and situations within your life.  Your attitude reflects your personality and it is so powerful that it goes beyond how you think or view things to how you interact with others and respond to situations.   There are so many benefits to having a positive attitude.

Benefits of Having a Positive Attitude

The benefits of a positive attitude and great well being are linked to success.   The World Economic Forum’s 2012 report on Well Being and Global Success, shows that our “well-being enables us to perform better at work and in our family life and our community:

  • Well-being increases the productivity of workers and the profitability of the companies they work for
  • Individuals with high well-being produce more resilient families and stronger children
  • People with high well-being are better members of the community”

Great leaders have positive, solution focused attitudes.  This does not mean that they are always happy and satisfied with the outcomes or the workplace – it means that on really challenging days that they remain positive about the future.

More Proof of the Benefits of a Positive Attitude in the Workplace

Dr. Martin Seligman, an expert in the link between positive attitude and success conducted a study at the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company where he assessed insurance sales agents for positive attitude and optimism and he found:

  • Those agents in the top 50% for positive attitude sold 37% more than those in the bottom 50%
  • Those agents in the top 10% for positive attitude sold 88% more than those in the bottom 10%

Optimists outperformed pessimists by 20-40%

These results show how attitude influences altitude – it determines your potential for success.

   5 Tips for Having A Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude1. You are in control – your attitude is your choice.   You have total control over your attitude and no one else can influence or change this.  This is not to say that you don’t have bad days but you have the ability to re-frame how you are feeling and thinking and to become positive.

2. You are accountable – being accountable for your work and for the things in your life; being accountable means you no longer blame others for things that are going on in your life.  No excuses.

3. Be optimistic – believing in yourself, in your team, in your colleagues and in your family is important for success.   By being optimistic you will be able to get those around you to follow your lead and go in the same direction.

4. Be solution oriented – if you have a challenge at home or at work that is a reality of life.  Your attitude will determine how you approach this challenge.  With a positive attitude you will be solution oriented.  Try to come up with options of how to overcome the challenge.  These options will put you in control of the challenge and the outcome (see point 1).

5. Show Gratitude –    Being gracious means seeing the good in people and situations and expressing your appreciation.   Those with a negative attitude rarely say thank you and may not see the value in others.  Each day focus on saying thank you and showing you value a person’s contribution to your life or your work.  I guarantee that it will make that person feel great, it will help them to have a positive attitude and it will make you feel great.

What are you going to do today to show your positive attitude?