One of the first questions we get when meeting with a prospective client is “What does Neoteric mean?”

Neoteric is both an adjective and a noun.

Adjective meaning: Belonging to a new, recent or modern trend
Noun meaning: A new, recent thinker, a modern person, accepting of new ideas and practices, having a modern outlook or new ideas

At Neoteric our focus is to provide management consulting services to health care and seniors’ care organizations in Canada. We work with leaders, managers, owners and partners to help them achieve their goals and to improve their organization’s performance.

All consulting services are customized to fully understand the organization’s needs, build capacity and meet the goals of the organization and its team.

We specialize in healthcare. Our team are former clinicians and health leaders and we know and understand the Canadian healthcare system and environment. We work collaboratively with you and focus on serving people with excellence.

We Provide:

  • Strategic planning and strategic reviews
  • Change management, transformation leadership and project management
  • Management and leadership development
  • New business development planning
  • Sales and marketing strategy (focused on seniors’ care sector)
  • Organizational and program reviews
  • Operational process improvement (Lean/Six Sigma) and operational planning
  • Value for money audits
  • Leadership and sales team effectiveness assessments
  • Facilitation services