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How Do I Get Aptitude?

Aptitude is another essential component of the Neoteric success formula and like the other components it applies to both professional and organizational success.  This week’s blog focuses on how aptitude contributes to your professional success.

Childhood Dreams – You Can Be Anything You Have the Aptitude to Be!

A common question that I was asked as a child and that many of us ask children is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Photo from: Annie Jennings PR

This question allows kids to share their dreams; their responses show no fear and no limitations.   They do not say “I could never do that” – kids want to be astronauts, police officers, grocery store clerks, nurses, doctors, hairdressers, princesses, etc.   As a child we often heard or we tell kids “you can be anything you want to be!”   This is only true to a limited extent due to our aptitude.

The key word in this response is “want” – it is not “you can be anything you are smart enough to be” or “you can be anything if you know the right people”, etc.   A better response may be “you can be anything you have the aptitude to be!”   There are no limitations on the Vision that children have but at some point as we develop self-awareness and start to compare ourselves to others we seem to lose our vision and we may put  limitations on ourselves as we realize what our aptitudes are.

Self-Awareness & Aptitude

It is at this point that we start to become aware of our aptitude.

  • We are born with our aptitude, what we are good at and through our early experiences further develop this aptitude.
  • It is great when the things that we have an aptitude for are also things that we enjoy doing.
  • Aptitude is the innate, natural ability to do something well.

Interest vs Aptitude

Aptitude is different than an interest.  An interest:

  • Is something that we enjoy doing,
  • A result of what you do but not how well you do it.  For example, you may love singing or playing golf but potentially not do them very well – this is therefore an interest.
  • Contributes to our social life but our aptitude contributes to our success.   Of course there are many people whose interests are their aptitudes and it contributes to their personal and professional success (e.g. professional singers or professional golfers).

Coaching Points about Aptitude & Strengths

  • Sorting out whether the things you are good at are interests or aptitudes is very important in terms of determining where your greatest opportunities for success are.
  • When it comes to career choices or job promotion options a business coach can help you identify your true aptitudes vs your interests.
  • Once you have identified your aptitudes and your strengths you significantly increase the number of career and professional opportunities you have.
  • If you have a strong interest in leadership, becoming a manager, becoming a great presenter or public speaker, etc. that is great – it is now important to determine if you have the aptitude to become a great leader, manager, speaker or presenter.

Interest without aptitude is a hobby, and aptitude without interest is an underutilized talent.  

Aptitude with interest is a great contributor to success.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on how organizational aptitude can influence business profits and return on investment.