Our Thoughts

I have been reviewing the websites of businesses that offer the same services as The Neoteric Group and I have realized that many seem to offer broad “Consulting and Coaching”.  There is very little difference between each company.   All use similar words such as business coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, business consulting, leadership consulting, management consulting.  This blog is about how an organization that is looking to improve decides between engaging a coach or a consultant?   How to select a coaching and consulting company is the topic of an upcoming blog.

Things to Consider when Deciding Between a Business Coach and a Management Consultant

  • What are your goals?
  • What are your organization’s goals?
  • Are there challenges for you or for the organization that need to be resolved?
  • Are there opportunities for you or the organization to evaluate and to grow or earn profits?
  • Is there a budget available for a coach or consultant?

The main difference between a coach and consultant is the type of relationship that is created. 

A business coach usually has a relationship with the ‘client’ – an individual who is working towards improving or overcoming challenge in an area of their work.  In these situations a relationship often also exists with the ‘stakeholder’ – the employer or manager who is paying for the coaching services.

A management consultant usually has the relationship with a senior manager or leadership team who has the opportunity to address or challenge to overcome.

A Business Coach is Best:coaching and consulting, leadership, success, performance, career, professional development, personal developement

  • To develop specific competencies (e.g. leadership) or overcome challenges (e.g. improve motivation or communication or accountability)
  • A person wants objective advice or information is wanted
  • An action plan is needed to achieve a particular goal or outcome
  • A top performer needs further challenge or development or to be pushed beyond their comfort zone
  • A mid-performer desires further leadership development or support in overcoming a challenge in their professional life
  • A low performer may be in the wrong role and needs support to identify competencies and best fit

A business coach supports the development of a person or team through an action plan and holding them accountable.   Coaching usually focuses on one person or a team.

A Management Consultant is Best When:

  • There is a business opportunity that needs to be evaluated and potentially acted upon
  • There is a business challenge that needs to be resolved
  • An advisor or facilitator is needed to provide executive advice and recommendations
  • The goal is improved overall performance
  • An assessment of the organization’s ‘health’ is needed with recommendations for improvement
  • An improvement is needed or wanted in terms of people, structure, operations or strategy.

Consultants focus on improving the performance of an ‘organization’ and coaches focus improving the performance of a person or team.

The goal of a business consultant and business coach is the same – to improve the overall condition of the client (whether that be an employee, an executive, a team or the organization)

Stay tuned for my next blog where I will share a tool to help you decide whether a coach and consultant is the best for you and your organization.