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Thank you for the good response to my last blog Management Consultant or Business Coach Which Do We Need?  This week I have provided a checklist to help you decide whether a coach or business consultant is the best route for you and your organization.   There is a great but different value in the services provided by each of them.

I would love to get your thoughts on this blog and questions regarding other areas where a consultant or coach may be appropriate.  Please post them below.

Business Coach vs Business Consultant – What’s The Difference?

A business coach asks a lot of questions and is often a sounding board.   Your coach will hold you accountable and encourage you to identify your own solutions to your challenges.   A coach may ask “Have you thought of doing A, B, or C?” to help guide your thinking.   The great result from coaching is that your new actions, attitudes or behaviours are sustainable because you came up with them with some ‘coaching’.

A business consultant or management consultant also asks a lot of questions but is more of an Advisor – a business consultant will analyze your business challenge and make recommendations that you or your team will then implement.  Consultants will not hold you accountable for implementing the recommendations or the changes (vs a Coach will hold you accountable).

You will notice that there are 4 challenges or opportunities where a business coach and business consultant are both appropriate – these are situations where building internal coaching capacity may be appropriate for an organization.

Feel free to comment or ask questions about this blog or building internal coaching capacity…it is a neat concept!

Until next time remember that your success will come by having a great positive attitude and showing gratitude throughout your day!

consultant checklistHere is the checklist – I hope it is helpful!

Business Challenge or OpportunityNeed a Business CoachNeed a Business Consultant
Need an assessment of new business opportunity? X
Need to motivate an employee or team to achieve improved outcomes? X
Want to be self-employed or know how to start your own business? X
Need to develop the leadership qualities for an employee? X
Need a leadership development program for all managers? X
Need to assess and implement a new business program? X
Need to improve teamwork and team outcomes? X
Need to decide whether to build a new line of business or acquire a new business? X
Need strategic planning sessions or considering a new strategic plan or direction X
Need to reward a top performer or mid-performer for great outcomes and encourage further development? X
Need to determine if you have the best, most efficient and effective organizational structure and span of control? X
Need to find the right fit in your company for a low performer or motivate improved performance? X
Need to assess the leadership qualities of candidates applying for a position and determine appropriate fit and competency? X
Want to move from ‘performance managing’ staff to having a ‘coaching culture’? X X
Want to grow your business or improve revenue or profits? X X
Need to improve employee engagement? X X
Need to improve employee retention and improve customer satisfaction? X X