The Neoteric Group has experience working with organizations across the for-profit and not-for-profit health and human services sectors. We focus on supporting organizations to be more strategic, improve their people, operations, leadership and culture, and achieve excellent results.

We specialize in working with organizations in the following sectors:

Healthcare professionalHEALTH CARE & HOME CARE

The health care and home care environment is continuously changing and has increasing demands being placed on it…

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Senior man giving woman piggyback rideLONG TERM CARE & RETIREMENT LIVING

Long term care is known to be one of the most dynamic, complex and important parts of the health care system. ┬áThe need to ensure high quality, low risk care and services while being in compliance with legislation is of utmost importance. …

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Recently, public sector and not-for-profit organizations have focused on providing excellent services to their patients, clients and stakeholders while complying with the requirements of their government accountability agreements…

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