Our Thoughts

I hope everyone is having a great week and that you have your goals set for this week and a great attitude and plan on how to achieve them.   Each week I set major and minor goals for me to accomplish.   Some people call this a ‘to do’ or task list but I prefer to call them goals as there is a greater sense of accomplishment when I finish each one.  Within each goal there is a list of tasks that need to be done in order to complete the goal.   One of my major goals for the past few weeks has been to complete a white paper on building internal business coaching capacity.   I believe that organizations that focus on ensuring that their managers have a positive attitude and great business coaching skills for their employees and teams will be successful.

Having managers with a positive attitude and who are great business coaches are critical success factor to having a great workplace.

  • Think about this – is your manager/boss a ‘cheerleader’, a ‘coach’, both or neither?
  • Does your manager have a great attitude that contributes to a great work environment or does he or she have a neutral or negative attitude towards the workplace and team?

What is your Manager’s Attitude and Approach to Business Coaching?

The attitude of your direct manager has an impact on how you and your team function.   A manager with a positive attitude has the potential to be a great coach.  These types of managers are always looking up and forward towards how to support their team better and how to make the company a better, more successful place to work.

In my experience working with a manager with a positive attitude is energizing and working with a manager who has a positive attitude combined with a great ability to coach is absolutely fantastic.  It can really make a difference as to whether you love your job and are fully engaged or you just show up to get the job done.positive attitude

What is Your Attitude and Approach to Business Coaching?

If you manage a team or people I encourage you to look at your own coaching skills and your work attitude – is this an area of development for you?  With a positive attitude and strong ability to coach your staff you will definitely make a positive impact on their work day and their outcomes.  Your team will feel valued, be engaged and will strive to achieve great results.

If you are not too sure as to how to coach your team or where to start that is OK – there are a lot of great resources on line on how business coaching in the workplace or contact me and I would be happy to give you some suggestions.