home-about-usGreat leadership and great people lead to excellent client and patient satisfaction, great employee engagement and strong financial results. Leadership is often faced with challenges related to low employee engagement, weak teamwork, absenteeism, and poor performance. Each of these leads to employee turnover, client dissatisfaction, loss of reputation and poor business results – none of which are easily resolved.

Healthcare organizations need to be proactive and move from a culture of performance management to one of coaching. A coaching culture is integral to being a best employer, recruiting and retaining top employees, having great customer satisfaction and achieving strong financial results.

We work closely with leadership teams, Human Resources teams and middle managers to provide support through the process to develop a culture of strong leadership and coaching.

Neoteric Value

Customized Solutions

All solutions and approaches to people and leadership development are offered through a collaborative, customized approach based on your organization’s needs.

Best in Class Assessments

Assessment tools with a high degree of reliability and validity are critical to being able to assess the current state of leadership and to define the desired future state of the organization’s culture. We are certified in the use of Strategic Leadership Directions™, Leadership Effectiveness Analysis 360™ and Sales Performance Assessment™.

Excellent Credentials

Our Lead Consultant has over 20 years of leadership experience, holds an MBA in Executive Management & Leadership and is a Certified Master Business Coach. She is also an Assistant Professor at McMaster University and has excellent facilitation skills. She adds value to leadership teams by offering an unbiased perspective of your organization’s leadership and coaching culture. Our Consultants have experience and advanced education in leadership development, human resources, operations, strategy, coaching and people management.

Solutions Include:

  • Change management and building capacity for change
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership culture and coaching culture development
  • Leadership Effectiveness Analysis™
  • Recruitment services & onboarding support
  • Sales Performance Assessment™ – teams & individuals