strategy1We offer an innovative approach to strategic planning; an approach that aligns with Ontario’s Patients First Act.

As an organization goes throughout its year there often comes a time when the question “what is our strategy or direction, where are we going?” arises. Underlying this question is often the desire of the leadership team, employees, Board, or shareholders to know how the organization is going to grow, improve, move forward and be viable.

We offer an external perspective, one with healthcare expertise that can help you identify what your patients, clients or residents, team and partners think of your services and what is the vision they need from your organization.

Neoteric Value

Clarity & New Ideas about Strategy

We offer an unbiased perspective of your organization, the marketplace and stakeholders’ needs. We may identify and define issues that are not currently out in the open and we will present a refreshing perspective on how the future of your organization may be defined.

Collaborative Approach

We ask challenging questions with empathy to ensure a high level of critical analysis of your current situation and future potential. We follow a collaborative approach to stakeholder engagement; our approach includes empathy and experience mapping and leadership and innovation summits. Our team is competent at facilitating and can manage conflicting points of view and supports a spirit of consensus building and cooperation.

Results-Oriented Focus

We bring a clear view of our role within your organization and layout the process, length of engagement, milestones and expected deliverables. Our team is highly skilled in project management; we provide regular progress updates and our work is focused on achieving great results to define your organization’s future direction.

Solutions Include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development Planning
  • Strategy Refreshes
  • Client or Patient Experience Mapping
  • Assessment of Leadership Culture