We focus on working with owners, managers and leaders to improve leadership skills and to support healthcare organizations  to bring the best out in their people and achieve great results.   This is our mission and it is based on our passion and experience.

Neoteric came to be through the ongoing support of many people to whom I am very grateful for their commitment and support.

Approach to Improve Leadership Skills and Business Results

All consulting and business coaching is through a systematic approach; identify needs, understand resources, propose solutions, identify barriers to success, make recommendations, and implement solutions.   Change and improvement takes time.   We are committed to working with you and your organization to bring out the best out in you and your people.   Our team of Consultants is selected based on their knowledge, experience, consulting or coaching style and his or her commitment to working with client organizations to support them to achieve their best results.  

  • Improve business performance and business results;
  • Improve leadership skills and build capacity;
  • Support team alignment; and
  • Be successful.