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Of all the great things I love about my job one of the best is the amazing conversations I have with people that support leadership development and knowledge acquisition.  Although some of this dialogue is in person with people I know, most of it is with people that I do not personally know but rather learn from via social media.

Recently I have had great dialogue with colleagues regarding the value of social media for leadership development and also for business development – in this week’s blog I will focus on social media and leadership development.

Many people think that using social media is just for ‘socializing’, keeping in touch with friends and family, and that is for the ‘younger’ generation, maybe even a waste of time (and it can be if not used properly!).   By social media I mean, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. and it has value for everyone!   They have great value for your leadership development if used properly as there is a great opportunity to learn from others.  Of course, you need to have an account on each of the platforms…they are all free to join.

The two best social media forums I use for leadership development are Twitter and LinkedIn (YouTube is also very good but I will save this for another blog about leadership and video social media)

Twitter for Leadership Development twitter

Twitter is excellent for leadership development and learning.   I follow people on Twitter who post leadership articles and I also follow leadership and business journals (e.g. Harvard Business Review @harvardbiz) – each day they tweet numerous links to great information.    By following trustworthy sources I know that I am getting access to great leadership information.    Through Twitter I also tweet links to my own articles or interesting articles that I have read – this allows me to share my knowledge and contribute to the knowledge of others.  This article is to some strong leadership influencers on Twitter  Strong Leadership Influencers

LinkedIn for Leadership DevelopmentLinkedin

LinkedIn is my other most valuable form of social media for leadership development (and networking).   By belonging to interest groups I am able to engage in leadership development discussions with other leaders and learn from them and the articles they post or comments they make.   Many of the discussions create great debate, with strong, intellectual perspectives often presented.   I learn tons from these groups.

This link is to some great LinkedIn leadership groups  Awesome Leadership LinkedIn Groups.

I have recently started a LinkedIn group for those who have their own business or those who have aspirations to be self-employed.  Check it out here Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Most Important – Give More to Receive the Most!

The best use of social media for leadership development is ‘two way’ – giving and getting.    The more you give on social media the more you will get.    The more you comment and post articles of value the more credible you will become and the more people will engage with you and that you can then learn from.   I have connected with many trustworthy, leadership experts from around the world via LinkedIn.

I look forward to reading about your leadership development experiences and if you have used social media for this purpose.  Also feel free to comment if you are not familiar with using social media and would like to learn more – I would be happy to give you an introductory lesson.