The Neoteric Group is proud to be an approved Vendor of Record (Tender 7434) for management consulting services to the Ontario government.

Being a Vendor of Record qualifies The Neoteric Group to be invited to provide management consulting services within the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive.

Value of Using a Qualified Vendor of Record for Consulting to your Organization

  • Completion of detailed application process.
  • Passed the Ministry of Government Services’ rigorous pre-approval process.
  • Ontario government reviewed and approved the experience, quality, insurance, security clearance and financial status of Nicola Morris Consulting Inc. (The Neoteric Group).

The Neoteric Group specializes in consulting to the healthcare sector.

Being a qualified Vendor of Record allows you to have confidence in engaging The Neoteric Group to provide consulting services as are pre-qualified and meet all necessary criteria including policies, methodology, insurance and security requirements.

The Neoteric Group is qualified for three roles in all Management Consulting categories.


  • General Consultant
  • Organizational Effectiveness Specialist; and
  • Organizational Transformation Consultant

Qualified in all 8 service categories:

  1. Business Metrics, Performance Management and
  2. Process Improvement Services
  3. Business Process Assessment & Integration Services
  4. Organizational Effectiveness Services
  5. Organizational Transformation Services
  6. Procurement Services
  7. Program Management Services
  8. Project Management Services
  9. Strategic Management & Planning Services